Meet attorney
Mark S. Nelson

Areas of Practice | Personal Injury
Bankruptcy | Workers' Compensation

Since starting his own law firm in 1989, Mark has successfully settled thousands of personal injury cases, with client compensations totaling millions of dollars. In addition, he specializes in Consumer Bankruptcy and prides himself in helping his clients overcome the traumatic events that led them to seek legal representation as well as professionally guiding them through the legal processes they face. For over 27 years, clients and their family members have trusted Mark to aggressively advocate on their behalf.


Mark Nelson was born and raised in the Central Valley. After graduating from Oakdale High School and working in several types of jobs he attended Modesto Junior College, where he majored in English and Philosophy.

Mark ultimately received a degree in Philosophy from West Valley College in Saratoga California in 1982. Shortly thereafter he started law school in Stockton California at Humphries School of Law. To pay for law school Mark delivered newspapers for The Modesto Bee, The San Francisco Chronicle and USA Today everyday for 4 years without taking a single day off.

Mark took and passed the California State Bar on his first attempt and began practicing law in Modesto, California in 1987.

At the start of his law career Mark worked at a Modesto law firm for 2 years, where he handled Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, and Workers Compensation cases. Mark started his own practice in 1989 also in Modesto, California.

Shortly into his private practice it was clear that Mark’s passion in law was handling all aspects of injury claims. For over 28 years he has enjoyed and been extremely effective helping right wrongs that have damaged or injured his clients and their families.

Mark has successfully handled thousands of cases involving every type of accident and injury imaginable.

When he is not enjoying his passion of practicing law, Mark enjoys traveling, painting, reading, playing the drums and the piano, and sharing life and laughter with his family, friends, and clients- who often become life-time friends.