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How Does a Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

There are many fears associated with filing for bankruptcy, but one big concern is what will happen to your credit score. Many people want to know if their credit score will be damaged forever, or how low it will go and if they can eventually bring it back up. Having bad credit can be a huge inconvenience in our modern society, so these are legitimate worries to have if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

What Do I Do After I Lose My Job?

Getting laid off or fired from a job can be a scary and unstable experience for anyone. It's a surprising life event that can catch you off guard and leave you feeling lost and confused. However, you can avoid this difficult time period if you know the steps you would have to take in the event of losing your job. Being prepared is the number one way to deal with conflicting life circumstances, so here are some options to help you prepare in case of unemployment.

5 Signs You Should Consider Filing For Bankruptcy

It can be difficult to know when to categorize your debts and unmanageable and decide to file for bankruptcy. Most people resort to bankruptcy as a final option after years of struggling with debt. If you notice one or more of the following five signs, then it might be time to consider filing for bankruptcy with the help of an attorney.

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