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Why you should always go to a doctor after a car accident

Driving and riding in cars is so common for many of us that we often forget how unnatural it is for the human body to experience a car accident. Even with modern safety precaution, a car accident is far more violent experience than you may realize, and it is very possible that you have injuries you do not feel after an accident, even if the collision was relatively minor.

These injuries, known as delayed pain injuries, range from annoyingly painful to potentially deadly. After you experience a car accident, it is essential that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Not only can doing so help you avoid unnecessary suffering, it may actually save your life.

Once you seek proper medical care and receive professional treatment, it is important to consider whether you have grounds for a personal injury suit to cover your medical expenses and any other losses you suffer from the accident. An experienced attorney can help you examine the circumstances of the collision and create strong legal strategies to protect your rights as you pursue fair compensation

Abdominal pain is an emergency situation

Many kinds of injuries may not cause pain immediately after an accident, but delayed abdominal pain may indicate a life-threatening condition.

Delayed abdominal pain is often caused by internal bleeding or organ failure. Internal bleeding is dangerous in the same way that external bleeding is, and if a victim loses enough blood internally, he or she may quickly die. However, even if the blood loss itself is not severe, the site of the injury may quickly grow infected and then spread the infection to the rest of the body through the circulation system.

Similarly, a victim may suffer organ failure if he or she sustains organ damage and does not receive immediate medical care. Once an organ fails, the victim may either die very painfully or suffer significant pain and potentially compromise the online function of the organ itself.

Neck, back and head injuries

Other types of injuries that do not always cause pain immediately may include injuries to the musculature of the neck, back and torso, blows to the head, or injuries to a victim's spinal column.

Musculature injuries, often referred to collectively as whiplash, may not cause pain at first, only to later cause extreme pain and stiffness, sometimes completely immobilizing the victim. Likewise, a blow to the head may not result in any immediate pain, but can cause a mild traumatic brain injury that may change the victim's personality and cognitive abilities.

Injuries to the spinal column may pinch nerves, causing ongoing numbness and tingling, or very serious pain, often in the victim's arms or legs.

Don't put off seeking medical care from a professional as soon as you can after a car accident. It may just save your life.

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