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How to Navigate the Streets as a Pedestrian with Disabilities

We have all been pedestrians at least a few times in our lives, whether we're walking across a busy intersection or we're walking our dogs on a sidewalk. There are over 40 million Americans that have a disability. People with disabilities still have to go to work, attend school, exercise, and enjoy other hobbies and activities. Maneuvering the streets as a pedestrian with disabilities, however, can prove to be a slightly more difficult everyday task, so it's important to know what special rules and laws apply. Here are some things to be aware of if you or someone you know is a person with disabilities who often travels on foot.

How to Safely Cross the Street

If you have a mobile impairment and must use a service animal or any walking equipment such as a wheelchair, braces, crutches, a cane, or a walker, you have the same rights as a pedestrian without disabilities. In other words, you can equally use any pedestrian area. If you have a sensory deficit, such as blindness or deafness (or partial hearing or vision loss), walking canes and hearing aids are used to assist you in navigating the road or sidewalk. The pedestrian push buttons are key aids in helping pedestrians cross the street quicker and more efficiently; many buttons in bigger cities have an audio aid that will declare the motions and timer out loud.

Other Disability Accommodations

There are certain pedestrian structures that are required in public areas (like schools, parks, libraries, or any other government building); these structures, such as ramps with side rails, are mainly built to assist people with disabilities. Public transportation services, such as buses and trains, are required to accommodate for pedestrians with disabilities; this would include handicapped accessible spaces, hand rails, and audio announcements.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a pedestrian with a disability, contact the law offices of Mark S. Nelson to schedule a free consultation. 

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