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What Can Make New Year's Eve Safer for Everyone?

Do you know how many people will be on the road for New Year's Eve? It's estimated that some 95 million Americans will take to the road to visit family and friends. Do you know what the most common cause of New Year's traffic collisions is? It turns out that between 2007 and 2011, alcohol played a part in 42 percent of all traffic fatalities during the holidays. So, if you are going to be traveling during the holidays, here are a few ideas that could make New Year's Eve Safer for you and your family.

Ways to Make New Year's Eve Safer!

  • Don't Drink and Drive- Many people are going out the night of December 31st to celebrate the end of the year, and many of those people are going to drink. However, if you are planning to drink, you should probably also plan to find a safe way home other than driving yourself. You can always hang out with a friend who is a designated driver, or you can call a taxi or hail an Uber or Lyft ride.
  • Don't Handle Fireworks Yourself- Sure, there are safe fireworks that you can buy, but no matter how safe it's supposed to be, a firework is still an explosive. Defects in the product or mishandling can lead to burn injuries. It's better to find a firework show nearby and let the professionals handle the hot stuff.
  • Avoid Getting on the Road with Drunks- If you can, plan to go to a New Year's party close to home so that you don't have to drive far, or you can walk to the festivities. This will help minimize the time you spend out on the road with drunk drivers all around you. If you find that you do have to drive a long distance on the night of New Year's Eve, avoid major roads. Drunk drivers are more likely to show up on busy traffic arteries, so stick to side roads and surface streets for that added measure of safety.
  • Call an Attorney If You Need Help- If you're involved in a traffic accident, then remember that you always have options. Experienced attorneys like the ones at the Law Offices of Mark S. Nelson can help. They know your rights, and can help you recover the damages you need to keep your life in order. Don't be afraid to reach out.

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