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Does speeding really save drivers time?

When you’re late for work or feeling rushed it can seem like a good idea to speed, but are the time savings worth the risk to other motorists?


Perceived verses actual time savings

When drivers are compelled to speed the most common rational is that it will save them time on the road and allow them to reach their destination quicker. The threat of a speeding ticket doesn’t outweigh the ability to arrive punctually, but studies have shown that perceived verses actual time savings differs.

A driver may think he is shaving several moments off of his commute, but in reality the savings are much smaller. A recent study found that speeding gives drivers time savings on average of around 26 seconds per day, or about two minutes per week. The savings are miniscule when factored in to how many minutes are spent on the road, but yet speeding is still the most common road violation.

The study also found that contrary to common beliefs for speeding on highways, there are more potential time gains at low rather than high speeds. Motorist are more apt to speed on a freeway than down a residential street, but the time gain is actually less than if they were traveling through a low speed area.

Actual costs

What are the costs of speeding? While drivers may shave a few seconds off their drive, the cost of increased accidents and fatalities far overshadows the small time savings. The study outlines the alarming price for speed. For every 24,450h saved the cost is one fatality. For every 2,458h saved the cost is one injury.

Speeding is not a cost effective time saver when you factor in the cost of life and the additional possibility of a speeding ticket. Try to leave a few moments earlier to avoid the need.

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