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Some crashes don't involve a second car

When we think of a crash, we picture two vehicles coming into contact with one another. But not every accident happens like that.

There are many ways for you to sustain a serious injury, with no other driver in sight:

  • Your tire blows out at high speed, or your brakes fail.
  • A farm truck drops several bushels of hard corn just ahead of you, and causes you to slide.
  • A sign saying EXIT CLOSED has been knocked down for two days - and you take that exit.
  • Another driver pulls in front of you, driving you off the road - and then speeds away, untouched. (This is called a phantom driver crash.)
  • Your SUV becomes unsteady on a sharp curve and rolls over.
  • A deep pothole causes your axle to snap.
  • A deer climbs through a hole in the fence and bolts onto the highway.

No obvious party to sue

The first thing about single-car accidents is that you don't have another driver to sue for your injuries. Your best option is often to file a claim for damages with your own insurance carrier. This is the best way to get compensation for "phantom car crashes." Most car insurance policies cover this kind of event.

Now, you may find your own insurance company isn't sympathetic to your injuries, especially if your costs from medical care and lost pay are high. Our firm can help your insurance company see the light.

Other negligent parties 

The other option is to identify parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. Culprits may include:

  • The county or municipality that allowed the road to be unsafe
  • The car maker that designed and manufactured the unsafe vehicle
  • The trucking company that dumped all that corn on the road.
  • The repair outfit that put you on the road with bad tires or worn brakes, or wrongly installed parts.

We also represent passengers who are injured because the driver - often a friend or relative - causes them to injured.

The point is - even though you were injured alone, you are not alone as you seek the compensation you have coming to you. We ride alongside you, every step of the way.

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