A Guaranteed Solution To Debt Woes

We understand what it's like living from paycheck to paycheck. We know what it feels like to live under a mountain of never-ending bills. This doesn't have to be you — much of the money you owe is dischargeable debt. It can go away under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Which Chapter Fits Your Needs?

If you have little or no income, and want to have your bills "go away" you may qualify for immediate relief under Chapter 7.

If you are working and have an income but are behind on your bills and want to pay them off but slowly over time or at a reduced rate then Chapter 13 may be the best path to resolve debt.

If you're overwhelmed by unmanageable debt and struggling to pay past-due bills, you may need to consider bankruptcy. Times have changed. It is possible to rebuild credit and buy a home or car after filing. Often, bankruptcy is a good business decision because it allows you to stay afloat and to move forward.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Nelson can help turn your financial life around.

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