The Most Personal Injury Of All

Every death is a dramatic event, but not every death is wrongful under the law. "Wrongful death" applies only to deaths caused in some way by the negligence of another. These are examples of wrongful death:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. People die in crashes or they are injured by cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles. Some fatal car accidents are caused directly by bad behavior such as substance abuse, reckless driving, texting while driving and falling asleep while driving. Bicycle accidents sometimes end in death. The victim doesn't need to die on the scene for the death to be ruled wrongful.
  • Fatalities occurring on someone else's property or by someone else's property. This class of fatal injuries includes falls, falling objects, workplace accidents, even dog attacks.
  • Fatalities caused by product failure. If a tire blows out, a car's brakes fail or a water heater explodes, a product liability wrongful death suit may be in order. Mesothelioma and asbestos deaths and deaths caused by dangerous medicines are examples of defective product cases.

People injured by negligent acts may live for weeks or months — but it was the act of negligence that led to the death.

Fatal Truck Accidents | Fatal Bicycle Accidents

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