Businesses Owe You Safe Passage Through Their Premises

Property owners have long had a duty to guarantee safety to people visiting their property. If a rancher's horse kicked you on the rancher's property, you were entitled to compensation for the wrong done to you. The legal word for this kind of wrong is tort.

The same principle holds true today, in the aisles of big box stores, in office building elevators, in parking ramps and other business properties.

Negligence must be part of any claim you make. If a bottle of olive oil spills at Safeco and you slip on it one minute later, that probably does not constitute negligence. If the oil lay on the store floor for several minutes and no one cleaned it up, that is probably negligence.

The Many Types Of Premises Liability Injuries

Examples of the kinds of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases we handle:

  • Falling because a handrail is loose
  • Tripping in a parking lot at night because the lighting is poor
  • Sidewalk cracks that cause stumbling
  • Noxious gas making customers sick
  • Overly waxed floors and slippery surfaces
  • An unmaintained golf course path that causes a cart rollover
  • Merchandise tumbling from the top shelf
  • Items on floors that make them unsafe

Injuries from these accidents are not trivial. We have represented clients with disk damage, broken necks, broken legs, loss of vision, even paralysis and death.

These serious injuries require rightful compensation, and our lawyers are skilled at getting you that compensation. Our attorneys are available in Modesto by phone at 209-353-1277 and by email using this form.