Motorcycle Crashes Remain A Deadly Injury Category

Every year, about 50,000 cyclists are seriously injured in car and truck collisions. About 3,000 of these accidents are fatal.

Motorcyclists are among the toughest people around. But when they are brought down, they suffer terrible injuries: road burns, gas burns, lacerations, neck injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, head trauma and traumatic brain injury.

The Usual Suspects

We know what kinds of situations lead to motorcycle injury, and they are usually the fault of other drivers. Alcohol and drugs are often involved. Drivers are sleep-deprived. The road may be littered with debris. Recent repair work on the cycle may fail Sadly, hit-and-runs are becoming more frequent.

But the biggest cause is the most unfortunate one: People are just not paying attention. They are not SEEING motorcycles.

Our practice is devoted to the idea of getting people to start seeing motorcycles. Civil suits against negligent parties are powerful educational devices.

We at the Law Offices of Mark S. Nelson pride ourselves on putting our experience in the law up against insurance companies that want to pay you the absolute minimum for the injuries you have suffered.

Maximum compensation is our goal, whether the case involves minor or moderate injury, catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

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