Bikes And Pedestrians Are Defenseless Against Motor Vehicles

What could be more pleasant than taking a walk or bike ride? Nothing, unless you are struck by a car, truck or other motor vehicle.

The law provides that pedestrians and bicyclists may seek compensation when they are injured by a negligent driver or other party.

Compensation For Pedestrian Accident And Bicycle Accident Injuries

The negligent party is usually the driver of the vehicle, but not always. Sometimes the culprit is a failed car part, like a blown tire. Sometimes an accident is caused by bad signage or crosswalk signals. Some injuries are caused by vision obstructions, such as a tree blocking a stop sign.

We represent clients with moderate injuries such as broken bones and those in more serious accidents resulting in head injury, spinal cord injury and even wrongful death.

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Mark S. Nelson are experienced in every kind of case. We can bring your claim to a successful conclusion.

Who Gets Injured?

Victims of pedestrian and bicycle knockdowns are often the people least able to survive them — the young, the elderly, handicapped people in wheelchairs, even mothers with strollers. Many crosswalk signals don't allow slower-moving people enough time to cross. And far too often, drivers don't give consideration to pedestrians' right not to be struck down.

Insurance companies and their lawyers will claim that a child "darted into traffic," that the accident was unavoidable or the child's fault. Our lawyers are familiar with these legal ploys. We will not allow insurance companies to blame your serious injury on you.

Our lawyers will look at the facts of your case to evaluate whether negligence led to the injury. Our attorneys have worked on hundreds of these cases, and we have great confidence of a successful outcome for you.

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