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Many people are not aware of the serious disruption an accident can have in their life. If they or a loved one are hurt or killed because of another person's negligent actions; it will take time to recover. During this time, a person could be getting regular medical treatments, experience serious property damage, not be able to work, and more. It is a time when they will need help. A Modesto personal injury lawyer will know how to protect a person's rights in this situation. They know how to get an accident victim the fair compensation they need and deserve.

Insurance Companies

Most people don't know how to deal with insurance companies when it comes to collecting a settlement. It's important for people to realize the goal of all insurance companies is to pay as little as possible for each claim submitted to them. A Modesto personal injury lawyer is aware of the methods used by insurance companies and how to get past them. An accident victim will only need to worry about getting their life back as their attorney deals with the insurance company. An attorney will know what forms need to be filed. These are legal professionals who will help their clients avoid problems with social media, providing a recorded statement and more. They know what is required to get a desired settlement.


It is common for an accident victim to experience a disruption in their finances. This could cause them to be contacted by their creditors. In certain situations, a Modesto personal injury lawyer may contact a client's creditors prior to a problem occurring. They will then be able to negotiate with them to get an acceptable resolution on behalf of their client. They can confirm the accident to a victim's creditors and make every effort to avoid unnecessary collection efforts against their client.

Statute of Limitations

Every state has a designated amount of time for an accident victim to file a claim in their case. This is known at the statute of limitations. Should this time pass without filing a claim or lawsuit, an accident victim could lose all their rights to collect from the responsible parties. A Modesto personal injury lawyer will know a state's statute of limitations. They will know what is necessary to avoid going past this date.

Settlement Negotiation

Once an insurance company has completed their investigation of the accident, an insurance adjuster will make a settlement offer. A Modesto personal injury lawyer will know the value of a case. They will also have investigated the accident. A settlement demand letter will be sent by them to the insurance company. This will provide the amount they are willing to accept for their client's case and provide their reasons. After this is sent, they will be contacted by an insurance adjuster. An attorney will know how to negotiate the best possible settlement for their client's case.


Both sides of a personal injury case work to avoid going to trial. They are expensive and time-consuming but may be necessary. A Modesto personal injury lawyer will know everything involved with winning a case in court. They will make certain an accident victim is aware of what will be expected of them when it comes to depositions, court testimony and more. An attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to present their client's case and win an acceptable settlement.

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An accident victim with no experience obtaining a settlement is at the mercy of an insurance company, and others responsible for their situation. This is a time when the training of a personal injury attorney can make the difference between getting far less than what is deserved or receiving a fair settlement. An accident victim can benefit from discussing their case with an experienced Modesto personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Mark S. Nelson.