Modesto Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

A motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside down in an instant. Serious injuries can leave you unable to go about your daily routine. You may be unable to work or care for your children. The injuries may leave you in constant pain.

You may also have flashbacks, pain and emotional anguish because of the accident. If the other party had only been more careful, the accident may not have happened at all. This can leave you feeling angry and frustrated.

Meet attorney Mark S. Nelson

Fortunately, you have Modesto motor vehicle accident attorney Mark S. Nelson. He's a skilled and experienced accident attorney who helps victims fight for justice every day. Whether you're fighting with the insurance company or you don't even know where to start, Mark is ready to battle on your behalf. He pursues your case from all angles until you're satisfied with the results. Whether your case goes to trial or you reach a settlement with the other side, Mark takes your case personally.

Mark begins by listening to your story. He wants to hear what happened from you. This lets him determine all of the damages that might be available to you. Then, he explains how California law applies to your case and what your options are for pursuing recovery. Together, you make a plan to achieve the best possible result.

Choosing an Attorney

When you choose a Modesto motor vehicle accident attorney, you're choosing someone to fight on your behalf. That's why you should meet with your attorney to see what they have to say about your case. You should ask any questions that come to mind.

Your attorney should take the time to explain the law to you and what to expect as your case moves through the court. They should make you comfortable with their work and your plan for recovery. You and your attorney should be partners and teammates as you work together in order to seek the best possible result in your case.

Your Attorney is Your Advocate

When you work with Mark, he's your advocate. He knows how to prepare court pleadings in a way that asks for all of the types of damages that you may be entitled to. He works with medical experts in order to document your injuries and your prognosis for recovery. The legal process has tools to help Mark gather witness testimony and demand records from the other party.

If your case goes to trial, Mark is confident and comfortable in the courtroom. His experience with the rules of evidence and his trial advocacy skills can help you present your case in a way that the jury can understand. Together, you create a plan to tell your story to the jury in a compelling way that utilizes California law to its fullest potential.

Your Attorney is Your Guide

Your Modesto motor vehicle accident attorney is your guide as you navigate through California's complex legal system. When it's time to make important decisions in your case, Mark explains the options. Then, he gives you advice based on his experience about the best course of action.

When it's time to negotiate with the other side for a fair settlement offer, Mark is a skilled and tactical negotiator. Let him handle the tense negotiations with the insurance company or the other party. If you have a settlement offer in your hands, Mark can give you an informed opinion about whether you should accept the offer or continue to pursue the case. At each stage, Mark takes the time to explain why he feels it's the best course of action.

Contact Our Modesto Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

If you've been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, contact Mark and his team for a free discussion of your case. Mark and his Modesto motor vehicle accident attorney legal team are ready to go to work for you. Your first meeting is free, and there's no obligation. Contact Mark today, so that he can begin fighting for justice for you.