Modesto Auto Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of an auto accident can be extremely stressful. You may have physical injuries, emotional anguish or both. An auto accident can drastically change your life in an instant and leave you wondering where to turn.

Modesto auto accident lawyer Mark S. Nelson is here to help. Mark has decades of experience helping deserving auto accident victims get the recovery that they deserve. When you're hurt, Mark can help you make it right.

A Personal Approach

When you meet with Mark, he starts by getting to know you and your story. He wants to know how the accident occurred. He wants to know what your injuries are. It's important for Mark to learn about the ways that your accident has impacted your life. You can expect Mark to ask you a lot of questions about what happened and your losses. He's ready to answer your questions too.

Mark wants you to understand how the laws apply to your case. Not only does he represent clients so that they can pursue their recovery to the full extent of California law, but he also wants you to understand the legal process. That's why Mark and his legal team take the time to educate you at every step in the process.

Your Right to Recover

When another person doesn't use enough care and caution and you're hurt in an auto accident as a result, you have a right to recover from the responsible party for your losses. Most people think that this means they can recover only for their medical bills. This isn't necessarily the case.

In addition to your medical bills, you can ask for compensation for lost wages if you can't work. If you need physical therapy or mental health care because of the trauma that you went through, these are also things that you can seek compensation for. You can ask for non-economic damages for things like mental anguish and pain and suffering. When you meet with Mark, you can talk about all of the damages that may be available for you.

What can I expect?

Your case begins when our legal team prepares and files legal documents that ask for your recovery. Mark makes sure that the responsible party gets a copy of the paperwork, and then his team gets to work building your case. The team contacts witnesses to take statements. They have a way to demand records and order people to testify under oath. The vast majority of cases don't end up going to trial. However, if the other side doesn't offer to pay you a fair settlement, Mark and his Modesto auto accident lawyer team are ready to present your case to the jury.

Can I afford it?

Many injured victims wonder if they can afford a quality Modesto auto accident lawyer. Mark makes sure that this isn't a problem. When Mark takes your case, he doesn't charge a fee unless you're successful at winning a recovery. When you win your case, Mark receives a small percent in order to cover his work on the case and the legal costs. You'll talk about this in detail and sign a written agreement so that everyone's on the same page.

Contact Our Modesto Auto Accident Lawyer

If you're looking for a Modesto auto accident lawyer, we invite you to contact Mark S. Nelson and his legal team. They're passionate about helping deserving victims win fair compensation and rebuild their lives. There's no obligation. Let Mark and his team explain the laws and help you understand your options. Together, you can make a plan for your success.